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5 Best Vanlife Podcasts

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Don’t get us wrong: we love spending time behind the wheel. Heck, we started the best campervan rental company to spread the joy of road trips! However, hours of driving-especially in bad weather can be pretty dull. When your favorite playlist is getting repetitive, what else can you listen to? The radio? Noooo. The answer is simple, vanlife podcasts.

If you aren’t a podcast fan, no big deal. There are now podcasts for everyone and every type of story-even in the vanlife industry-. Try one of these five vanlife podcasts, and you’ll fall in love with at least one of them! We promise.

Dirtbag Diaries

Presented by Patagonia (you read it right), this podcast feels like someone is telling you epic stories around a bonfire at night. Dirtbag Diaries is all about skiing, hiking, climbing, running, and all other sports you can think of when you think of Patagonia. The storytellers behind this beautifully recorded series are not only telling tales of epic outdoor people: they’re redefining what adventure means! A must-listen for your next road trip.

Humans of Vanlife

Ever wondered what kind of person lives in a van and why they end up on the road full-time (or part-time)? If you want to hear “the untold stories from the road,” then Humans of Vanlife is for you. Hosted by two Nursing school roommates, Nikky & Kayla, this authentic and honest podcast provides unfiltered and sometimes raw stories to the audience. Among their stories, learn about the myths of Instagram, mental health on the road, work-life balance, and adventurers who quit their jobs to pursue their dreams. 

My Solo Road

If you are looking for a virtual best friend while driving long hours, Sydney from My Solo Road might be the one you are looking for. She brings you along with her on her vanlife journey, exploring topics such as safety, finances, and loneliness. She also shares stories, everyday experiences, and adventures on the road, giving you an idea of what real life on the road should sound like!

Let’s Go Together

This is not a “vanlife only” podcast, but rather an “epic travels” podcast. Kellee Edwards, the host, visited more than 50 countries. She is a TV host, a trained scuba diver, and an airplane pilot. On her show, you’ll discover epic people: a Commercial Pilot managing diabetes during flights, the first Black woman who visited all the world countries, and a quadriplegic… who climbed Machu Picchu. If you want real good stories, then tune in to Let’s Go TogetherYou won’t regret it. 

The Van Life Podcast

Steven Richard, the host of The Van Life Podcastbrings his microphone practically everywhere: in the forest, in National Parks, on BLMs, and even on the beach. With his “no bullshit” approach, Steven is the kind of guy you will meet on the road, saying out loud what others might want to keep for themselves. Follow him on his audio journey, where you might hear about van breakdowns, no overnight parking signs, and the challenges of stealth camping. 

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