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New Digs on the Block. Teardrop Rentals in Denver, Colorado

Teardrop Rentals

Have you ever been on the road and seen people towing a funky-looking small trailer? Or drove up to a campsite and saw a small rounded trailer with a kitchen and an area to sleep?  Teardrop rentals are the perfect thing!

It’s most likely a teardrop trailer! These trailers offer incredible versatility for camping and road-tripping. Most of them include a kitchen area equipped with a cooktop, cooler area, storage, and sleeping cabin! In addition, they are smaller and lighter than standard trailers. This means they are easier to drive with less strain on your car. 

These are perfect for families, people who want to try out vanlife in a more approachable way, folks who want to save money driving their more fuel-efficient cars, or those who prefer driving their cars!

Introducing The Caboose

If this sounds like something you want to try, Native Campervans Denver is introducing “The Caboose”! Built by the fine folks at Colorado teardrops, the models will include all of the amenities that our campervans offer but in a much smaller vessel. 

You’ll be able to enjoy freshly cooked meals, comfort while sleeping in a four-season trailer (and rooftop tent), have all the supplies ready at trailer pick up, and so much more. 

Teardrop rentals really are the best of both worlds! If you aren’t totally sold yet, let us fill you in on a few more of their wonderful traits.

Teardrop Mountains

Advantages of Teardrop Rentals

The biggest is you get to drive your own car, SUV or truck! Being able to drive a car you are familiar with is a huge advantage when you tow something for the first time. Plus, with gas prices being more expensive these days, it’s nice to drive your own car as long as your vehicle can tow 1,500 pounds and has a 2-inch hitch. If your vehicle meets these two requirements, you are ready to drive away with a teardrop for rental in Denver

You can unhitch the teardrop rental at the campsite to reserve a spot or at the bottom of park roads to fully enjoy all the adventures that await you. Plus, when certain NP or other park roads limit the size of motorized vehicles they allow, you never have to worry when you can simply unhitch and leave it in a parking spot.

Teardrop Kitchen

So can my vehicle tow the Teardrop? 

TOP TEN SUV’s with 1500 lb capacity:

Subaru Forester, RAV 4 XLE, Honda CR-V, Lowest Trim Highlander, Volkswagon Tiguan, Kia Sportage, Subaru CrossTrek, GMC Terrain, Low Trim Chevy Equinox.

Please use this online tow capacity calculator for your specific vehicle to see if the towing capacity is 1500 lbs or above.


The Caboose can sleep up to four people! The main cabin fits two people, and adding a rooftop tent will allow another 1-2 people to join in on the fun. The best part about it is that it’s four-season friendly! The rooftop tent is four seasons proof, and the trailer includes a heater inside.

Teardrop towing


The teardrop rental comes with amenities just like one of our campervan rentals! The kitchen cabin comes with a stove, cooler, all the kitchen tools one would need, and an 11-gallon water tank. The main sleeping cabin has everything you’d need to get a great night’s sleep and a heater!  

While these teardrops for rent are great in many ways, there are two things that you should know; the Cabooses are not 4×4 capable and should stick to state-maintained roads. Also, we do not provide vehicles. You need a car that has a 2-inch hitch and at least a 1,500-pound towing capacity. 

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