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About Us

Making Memories. Creating Connections.

One Adventure at a Time.

A journey through the American West is so much more than a road trip. It’s more than the miles you log and the sights you see. It’s transformative in ways the uninitiated can’t truly know until they’ve been there too.

Since 2015, we’ve been on a mission to make perspective-shifting journeys more accessible. To give more people, from more places, the freedom of the open road.

To us, adventure is a way to reconnect with nature. To make space for our native selves. We feel the most at home when we’re learning and experiencing new things. It’s this thrill of discovery that keeps us searching for new roads.

Meet the Team

Jon Moran | Co-Founder + CEO | [email protected]

Dillon Hansen | Co-Founder + CMO | [email protected]

Ryan McNutt | COO | [email protected]

Kaley Kasm | Las Vegas Manager | [email protected]

John Garcia | Salt Lake City Manager | [email protected]

Ben Neumann | Customer Experience Manager | [email protected]

Kait Kostelnik | Marketing Specialist | [email protected]

Ryan Lawrence | Asst. Vegas Manager | [email protected]

Mike Panagakis-Maritz | Denver Manager | [email protected]

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