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The Smalls

The Smalls is a sporty and fun to drive adventure vehicle.

This small camper van has been customized for all your camping needs and is perfect for a couple or solo traveler. It gets great gas mileage and comes with a camp kitchen, lots of storage, and an inverter to keep all your gadgets fully charged.

Van Features

The Smalls packs tons of functionality into a compact, easy to park, converted cargo van. It’s going to feel like driving a car or SUV, but when you open it up, BAM! Everything you need to cook, sleep, and kick back is right there in the innovative drawer system. Keep your gear organized and out of the way, and relax on the full size memory foam mattress.

Walk Through

Check out the instructional video on all things related to the Smalls Campervan. This includes a comprehensive overview of how to navigate the inner workings of the van and the operations of the vehicle itself.

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Why The Smalls?


Most Cost-Efficient

28 MPG/Highway


Fresh Bedding

Memory Foam Mattress

Rumpl Blanket

2 Pillows


Slide-Out Kitchen

2 Storage Drawers

Remote Operated Fan

100 Miles Included Per Night

Ancillary Battery

Inverter to Charge Electronics

LED Dimmable Lighting System

Included in The Smalls

diagram of Native Campervan camping van interior



Camping Equipment

Kitchen Equipment



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