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Winter Essentials

Adventure Any Time of the Year

Stay warm while cruising to cool places. With our winter campervan essentials, you (and your fingertips) can stay toasty day and night.

A winter campervan road trip with Native Campervans is the perfect option for you to shred the freshest powder, all while saving on accommodations and getting to experience the freedom that vanlife offers.

Check out the inclusions below, then head over to our booking page to seal the deal.

Your Guide to Cold-Weather Camping

Embrace the winter season without letting it halt your vanlife adventures. To fully relish this snowy wonderland, a touch of extra planning and preparation is necessary to transform into a well-equipped mountain dweller of the vanlife realm. Our aim is to ensure that your campervan is stocked with all the essential gear for a cozy winter camping experience.

Notably, the Biggie and Squad packages come at a mandatory fee of $150 each, while the Smalls package is priced at $125. This applys to all trips between Nov 1st – March 31st.

Included in the Winter Essentials

Snow Chains

For those snowy mountain passes.

Ice Scrapper

Keep the windshield clear.

Heating Option

Stay Toasty. Biggie & Squad vans.

Sleeping Bags

Extra layer of warmth.

Hot Water Bottles

For that extra comfort. Smalls vans.

Winter Guide Book

Know the deets of all things winter.

Winter Camping Information Hub

Winter Vanlife FAQ

How do I stay warm in the winter?

What fees are included with the winter essentials?

Where are the best places to winter camp?

Where can I camp near ski resorts?

How do I put on snow chains?

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