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Insurance can be difficult to understand at times, so we’ve tried to simplify the process. We are experienced, but are not licensed insurance agents or insurance professionals of any kind.  It is your responsibility to know what insurance you have and what you might need. We highly recommend you talk to your own insurance agent before you decide. You may purchase any of our offerings when you book your trip, at the time of vehicle pickup, or make the choice not to purchase anything at all. It is your choice. As always, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Before you review the options below, please read this brief description of the two opportunities:

  1. Liability Insurance: Bodily injury and property damage liability insurance coverage provides compensation in the event of an accident you cause, for injuries to others, and for the damage your vehicle causes to another person’s property.
  2. Collision Damage Waiver: Collision Damage Waiver pays for damage to your vehicle caused by  a collision with an object (e.g., a telephone pole, a guard rail, a mailbox), another vehicle or as a result of flipping over.

Coverage Options

No Coverage

Coverage for Campervan

Coverage for Others

Full Coverage

Common Insurance Questions

What do you (Native) Recommend?

Is Insurance Required?

How do I purchase an Insurance Offering?

Does my own car insurance provide me with coverage?

Does my credit card rental car insurance provide me with coverage?

When do I have to make a decision on adding insurance or not by?

Do I need to provide Native Campervans with proof of my coverage?

I’m from outside of the United States/Canada. Do I need to purchase insurance?

What Happens if I need to File a Claim?

What are some examples of what the Coverage for Campervan would cover?

Does the Coverage for Campervan Cover Damage Done to the Interior of the Vehicle?

My Insurance is Asking for Vehicle Information. How can I get that?

What is the Value of my Van?

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