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Terms & Conditions


This document contains a summary of the rental conditions for booking a Campervan from Native Campervans, LLC.  Please ensure you read and understand these terms and conditions before making a booking.

Effective January 1st 2021.

Driver’s License & Minimum Age

Only Authorized Drivers are permitted to drive the Campervan. Authorized Driver means the renter and any additional driver listed by us on the Rental Agreement provided that each such person has a valid driver’s license and is at least 21 years of age.

You’ll need to provide a current and full driver’s license (not a copy) at time of pickup or via email, and the license must be valid for the entire length of your trip.

Additional drivers are free, but must be approved and listed on the Rental Agreement in order to drive the Campervan.

You agree to provide auto liability, collision and comprehensive insurance covering you, us, and the Vehicle.

International Drivers

All drivers are required to have a valid driver’s license from their home country. If your license is not in the English language, or you are purchasing supplemental insurance, an international driver’s license is needed as well.

Driving Restrictions

You may take your Campervan to any state in the Continental US and Canada except for the following: Alaska, the Northern Territories of Canada, or Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert.

Traveling on licensed public campgrounds is allow. You may not drive the Campervan on any unpaved surfaces.

Driving in a restricted area may result in Campervan damage, and will result in a material breach of the Native Campervans Rental Agreement. You are liable for damage to the Campervan that results from Campervan misuse, including driving on unpaved surfaces (see Maintenance & Responsibility).

Burning Man is permitted for an additional fee of $500 to account for potential wear and tear on the campervan and the accumulation of desert dust during the event.

Driving while under the influence of prescription or non-prescription drugs or alcohol is prohibited.

Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Campervan rental pick-up hours are between 2:00pm – 4:00pm.

Campervan rentals must be returned by 11:00am on your scheduled drop-off date.

We will arrange your pickup appointment when you book your Campervan. If you’d like to hit the road early, depending on availability, an early pick-up can be scheduled as early as 9:00am for a charge of $75.

Drop-offs after 11:00am will incur a $50 charge.

If the Campervan is returned after closing hours, you may be held responsible for the loss of and any damage to the Vehicle even after turn-in up until a full wash and detailed inspection can be performed, and Charges may continue to accrue.

Let us know as soon as you can if your itinerary is impacted by weather or other unforeseen forces, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. A missed drop-off (without making prior arrangements) means we’ll have to charge you for an additional night.  If you would like to extend your trip, please email or call us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request, subject to availability.

No refunds will be offered for late pick-ups or early drop-offs.

Reservation Deposit

A reservation deposit of $500 is required to confirm your booking. This deposit will be credited toward your balance when you pick up your Campervan.

Cancellations & No-Shows

*Free cancellation within 24 hours of booking.

You can cancel your Campervan rental and receive a full refund of your deposit 30 days (or more) prior to your pick up date. If you cancel your reservation within 30 days of your pick up date, we will retain your $500 reservation deposit .

If you book a one-way reservation and cancel at any time, no refunds of your deposit will be issued.

If you cancel on the day of your pick up appointment or simply do not show up, you will be charged the full rental fee.

In order to cancel your reservation (at any time), notify Native Campervans by email.  Please note your reservation will not be deemed cancelled until you receive an email acknowledgment from Native Campervans.

More information can be found here.


Native Campervans can only accept credit or debit cards for rental charges, paid on Campervan pick up or drop-off. Cash payments cannot be accepted.

Currency & Exchange Rate

All credit card transactions are conducted in US Dollars (USD).

Native Campervans does not accept any liability for exchange rate fluctuations (up or down). In the event of currency fluctuations, refunds may vary from the amount initially charged.

Refunds by credit card can take up to 15 business days (depending on the renter’s financial institution).

Nightly Rates

Campervan rental rates are calculated on a per night basis. Season and demand impact pricing. If your rental period extends into 2 seasons, each portion of the trip will be charged at the respective season’s rate.

Minimum/Maximum Rental Period

We require a 3 day minimum rental. There is no maximum rental period.


Your Campervan rental includes 100 free miles per night. Additional mileage packages are as follows:

200 miles/night = $30.00/night
300 miles/night = $60.00/night

Excess mileage beyond any package will be charged $0.35 per mile.

Campervan Transfers & One-Way Rentals

Campervans must be collected from and returned to one of our rental offices. No airport returns are permitted.

Renters must coordinate their own transportation to and from the rental office. We do not offer airport rides or reimburse for the cost of transportation to one of our offices.

Failure to return your rental to a designated Native Campervans office may result in a relocation fee (up to $500).

One-way rentals are welcomed but must be arranged with Native Campervans on a case-by-case basis. We offer one-way rentals between Denver, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas depending on timing and availability.

Generally, we charge a $350 relocation fee if you drop off your Campervan at a different location from your original pick-up. Season and demand in each market may influence the cost of a one-way rental.

Contact us to discuss pricing and availability of one-way Campervan rentals.


If an accident occurs, please contact Native Campervans as soon as possible. We require you to gather license and insurance information from the involved parties (if any) at the scene of the accident. Please take photos of the incident, and file a police report. We will work to get you back on your journey as fast as possible.

You must report all accidents or incidents of theft and vandalism to us and the police as soon as you discover them.

More information about our Roadside Assistance policy found here.

Roadside Assistance

In the event of mechanical issues, please contact Native Campervans immediately so we can become aware of the situation.

All Native Campervans come with Roadside Assistance throughout the continental United States and Canada. For standard issues (flat tires, dead batteries, lockouts), Roadside Assistance can have you back on your way quickly.

If more complex repairs are necessary, we may arrange a new Campervan for you to pick-up if one is available.

We’ll refund that night’s rental cost if your Campervan is unavailable overnight while being repaired. In the unlikely event the Campervan cannot be fixed or replaced, we will refund the remaining days of the rental agreement and assist you in reaching the nearest destination.

Maintenance & Responsibility

All of our Campervans  have gasoline engines. Always double-check that you’re using the correct fuel for your van. In the US, diesel fuel will have a green pump, and gasoline (petrol) will have a black pump.  If you add incorrect fuel to the Campervan, we will charge you for any costs incurred to repair the vehicle.

Be aware of your surroundings, and take weather and road conditions into consideration. Mountain regions are full of variables, so keep your eye on the skies. Pullover and wait it out if you see inclement weather ahead.

Our winter fleet comes equipped with all-season tires, but always use caution if you’re unfamiliar with the roads and how the Campervan handles in wet or windy weather. Damages caused by poor driver choices may result in additional repair costs and fees.

We are committed to running a clean, safe, and well-maintained fleet of Campervans. We replace tires regularly for daily wear and tear. If tire or windshield damage occurs due to a road hazard or driver error, we will charge you for the costs of a replacement.

You are responsible for repair and towing charges if driving in a restricted area causes damage to any part of the Campervan (see Driving Restrictions).

We ask that each van be returned in a clean and respectable state – similar to when you first picked it up. An additional cleaning fee of up to $300 will be charged if you return the van in poor condition.

We ask that each van be returned in a clean and respectable state – similar to when you first picked it up. An additional cleaning fee will be charged if you return the van in poor condition.


Accessories are subject to availability. Failure of Native Campervans to provide accessories does not allow the cancellation terms to be void. Accessories ordered in advance cannot be canceled on the day of pick up, and must be paid for.


Smoking is not permitted in Native Campervans Campervans. A $300 cleaning fee will automatically be charged to the renter’s credit card if there is evidence that smoking occurred inside our Campervans.


Dogs (1 max) are permitted with prior approval. A $100 pet fee is required for cleaning services upon pickup of the Campervan. A $200 fee will be assessed if there is evidence of an unapproved pet in the Campervan.

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