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Campervan Weekend in Sequoia and Kings Canyon NP

Sequoia Campervan

California is the state that is home to the most National Parks, but how many National Parks is that exactly? 


Yup, 9 National Parks are spread throughout the state, and each one offers a unique experience and vastly different landscape. 

So how do you even start crossing off nine different places spread throughout the state? Well, we have an incredible 3-day road trip that’ll help you cross off two National Parks in one trip! Situated against each other, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks offer you an opportunity to experience rising mountainous peaks alongside the biggest trees in the world. And we might be biased, but nothing beats experiencing Sequoia NP in a campervan.

Day 1: Welcome to Sequoia National Park!

This campsite is near the foothills visitor center, so if you venture into the park, you will have to backtrack that evening. However, we recommend this one since it’s open year-round. If you are visiting spring-fall, check out some of the other campgrounds the parks offer

Where to eat: River View Grill and Bar

Stop 1: Giant Forest Museum 

Once you pick up your campervan, you’re on your way to Sequoia. The first official stop after you climb the windy park road from Foot Hills Visitor Center entrance. Stop and check out the Giant Forest Museum. Here you’ll get your first up-close glimpse at these towering giant trees and learn all about the history, human involvement, and the surrounding meadows.  

Stop 2: General Sheman Tree 

Biggest living tree in the world, nuff’ said. Travel down the easy 1.2-mile trail to be awestruck by this incredible giant. It measures at 275 feet tall and 36 feet in diameter at the base!

Stop 3: Park Road Pull-Offs 

As you make your way to your campsite for the night, stop at some of the park’s designated pull-offs. They often offer some of the best views and require little walking.

Day 2: Making Our Way to Kings Canyon

Where to stay: Azalea Campground 

Stop 1: Little Baldy  

This moderate 3.3-mile hike is an excellent alternative to some busier hikes. It offers gorgeous views of the Sierra Crest Peaks with under 1000 feet of elevation gain. 

Stop 2: General Grant Tree 

The second largest tree in the world is located in Kings Canyon National Park. This easy 0.7-mile hike will take you through a sequoia tree grove.  

King Canyon

Day 3: Kings Canyon Exploring!

Wake up slowly and enjoy your morning in Kings Canyon National Park. There is no rush today as we only have one stop planned before you return your campervan rental. So take the morning to relax, slide open the van door, and sip on a cup of coffee while you take in the unique light patterns beaming through the towering Sequoias. Mornings like these make vanlife the ideal way to road trip. 

After a nice filling breakfast, head to your first and only stop. 

Stop 1: Big Stump Loop Trail

On your way out, make sure you stop and enjoy this 1.6-mile hike that leads you to a giant sequoia stump you can get up on and explore.

You have now concluded your Sequoia and Kings Canyon campervan adventure! Share your adventure with us on Instagram and Facebook @nativecampervans

*Please remember depending on the time of year you visit Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, there may be snow (and lots of it). Pack according to the weather for that area (not just southern California). The park also might have road closures, so stay up to date with all the information you need for your upcoming trip by checking out Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park’s websites!

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