Colorado Fourteener - Campervan Style

Conquering a Colorado Fourteener | Campervan Style

Colorado fourteener van

Before you start your Colorado fourteener campervan adventure, we first need to know what exactly a fourteener is and why all the buzz? A fourteener is a mountain peak with an elevation of at least 14,000ft. With 96 fourteeners throughout the US, Colorado has 53 fourteeners to choose from (careful, some will say 58), all ranging in different levels of difficulty, meaning there is an option for any skill set. Since these hikes are at such high elevations, the only time you can hike them comfortably is between June to October. Unless you are hard-core, you don’t want to be hiking in several feet of snow and ice! 

Fourteeners are not for the faint of heart, so we want to ensure you’re prepared. And we feel the best way to have an amazing fourteener experience in Colorado is to take out a campervan for the convenience of camping at the trailhead and post-hike lunch and beers.


Once you’ve secured your campervan rental from our Denver office, it’s time to pack. When you’re packing, the most important thing is layers! Even if it is the middle of the summer, summits of fourteeners can get cold and windy. Having layers to take on and off will ensure you are comfortable for the entirety of your trip. It’s also vital to have good boots for hiking. When it comes to food, coffee, granola bars, and liquid IV (or other electrolyte waters) will be your best friend. Of course, you want to bring food to cook some delicious meals pre/post hike, but when it comes to the fourteener, you will want lots of snacks and electrolytes to help fuel your body during the exciting/grueling challenge! We have great recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you need some idea of what to bring. Additional items you want are sunscreen and a headlamp. Doing a 14er requires a very early morning, so extra light is great to have. (Another optional item is hiking poles). Make sure you have a small pack for the hike to carry the essentials!


Fourteeners always require an early start, so getting to the trailhead before 5 am will typically allow you to hit the summit early afternoon. More often than not, storms roll in at the summit in the late afternoon, and you do not want to be caught in one of those. Luckily many fourteeners allow you to park at the base and camp overnight! This is not always the case, so you’ll have to look at the specific 14er before your departure. Once you secure your overnight spot, hang out and enjoy the scenery!

Inside Campervan

Fourteener time!

It’s pre-dawn, and you’re ready for your exciting day! Once you’re up, make yourself a nice cup of coffee in the provided French Press, eat a snack, and get on your layers. Fourteeners are challenging, so take your time. There is no need to rush if you got an early enough start. There are a few key things to remember when you’re on the trail. First, trail etiquette. It’s always good to let people going up the hill have the right away. Second, leave no trace, always pick up your trash, and don’t take any momentums from the trail. Lastly, take a minute to soak in the breathtaking views. It’s not every day you get to see the Rocky Mountain range from 14,000 feet. 

Fourteener View

If you’re nervous about doing a fourteener, you can start with a thirteener to get a feel for the challenge ahead. Thirteeners are great introductions, and they still give you those unmatched views! 

We hope you have a wonderful and safe Colorado fourteener in a campervan experience. If you take any photos, share them with us @nativecampervans for the opportunity to be highlighted on our social media page! Visit our Denver locations page to reserve your campervan today!

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