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Campfire Safety Tips While on a Campervan Trip

Campfire fire safety campervan rental

What’s camping without a campfire? In our opinion, nothing beats curling up by the fire and making a delicious s’more after a long day of hiking and exploring. While campfires are super enjoyable, they can also be dangerous and deserve our utmost respect. As summers become drier and hotter, wildfires become more concerning. As you prepare for your campervan adventure, be aware of these campfire safety tips and restrictions to ensure that you recreate responsibly.

Fire Restrictions Change Constantly

Weather is always changing, and because of that, so are fire restrictions. If there are high winds or intense heat waves, the opportunity for wildfires to occur greatly increases. Every state has a department that focuses on wildfire prevention, and this is who decides what restrictions to put in place. The individuals of the department meet weekly and evaluate current climate and weather conditions to determine the risk of wildfires. The level of risk dictates the level of restriction. This is why it’s vital to check fire danger levels constantly. Always ask a national/state park service member what the restrictions are or be on the lookout for Smokey Bear signs that show the level of fire danger.

Check out these states’ fire restrictions and guidelines to ensure you are well prepared.

campfire fire safety campervan rental

More Than Just Campfires Can Cause Wildfires

The majority of wildfires are caused by human activity and are often preventable. People think it’s because of rogue campfires, but this is not always true. Outdoor equipment, guns used for target shooting or hunting, and even vehicles can cause wildfires. Yes, your vehicle can cause a wildfire. If you have low-hanging chains, they may cause sparks as they drag across the ground, resulting in a bush fire that can quickly grow.  Additionally, even the heat from your brakes can cause a wildfire if they come to rest too close to grassy lands. California has created a “One Less Spark” campaign, highlighting ways to reduce human-caused wildfires. This campaign details ways wildfires that aren’t campfire-related can occur. Read more about wildfire causes and prevention here.

How to Have a Safe Campfire 

The best way you can prevent wildfires is by ensuring you have a safe campfire. A few key elements and rules exist to follow when building a campfire.

Before your campervan trip, review the Campfire Safety Book and the Forest Service Safety Guidelines.

We hope you have a great campervan adventure and feel ready for anything that comes your way. For more resources on safety and preparation, visit our information page. Don’t forget to follow us on social media @nativecampervans for deals and updates.

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