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How to Stay and Keep Clean on your Road Trip

Spending extended time outdoors always requires some sacrifices. This can look like giving up creature comforts like personal cleanliness. Thankfully, renting a camper van gives you the opportunity to stay clean in the midst of all of your adventures. Whether you’re hiking, climbing, biking, or fishing, the opportunity to lay down your head at night feeling clean guarantees a more comfortable experience. We want to give you some tips to help you stay clean on your road trip.

Although typical camping doesn’t always allow for great cleaning opportunities, our vans at Native Campervans provide you with a variety of options to help you be clean and stay clean as you travel.

Stay Clean As You Travel With These 7 Tips

  1. Shower
  2. Dude Wipes or some form of cleaning/baby wipes
  3. Clean Clothes
  4. Bring Biodegradable Soap
  5. Pack a Microfiber Towel
  6. Carry Extra Water
  7. Bring Along your Toiletries

Shower, Shower, Shower

Stay clean road trip

In terms of staying clean, nothing is going to beat a shower. It doesn’t matter the number of wet towels or “bird” baths that you take. At Native Campervans, we offer rentable solar showers! These allow you to shower anywhere you would like as you travel.

If this is something you’re interested in doing, take a look at the following article for more tips on how to shower on the road! Truck stops, recreation centers, and campgrounds usually offer affordable and clean showers to keep you extremely comfortable.

Where to Shower on the Road

Dude Wipes or Biodegradable Cleaning Wipes


In order to stay clean on your road trip, without access to a shower, you’re going to need biodegradable wipes. These wipes work great to get yourself cleaned up after a long day in the outdoors or after a particularly messy meal at your campsite. Maybe you’re exhausted or you’re parked in a busy place that doesn’t offer much privacy. If this is the case, then go ahead and pull out those biodegradable wipes and clean yourself!

Even if it doesn’t accomplish as much as a full shower, you’ll definitely notice a difference with not only your general odor but also your feeling as you crawl into bed. Thankfully, our camper vans have enough room for you to clean yourself without too much trouble.

Clean Clothes


If you’re staying in your own van or a rental camper van, you don’t need to sacrifice clean clothes. If you’re backpacking that could definitely be a different story, but in a camper van, you have storage to keep the majority of the clothes you need. Bring plenty of extra socks and underwear! These are going to make you feel clean even if you haven’t been able to shower.

Extra shirts are also a priority! You can get away with wearing the same bottoms for an extended period of time, but you should have those essential items ready at all times.

Bring Biodegradable Soap

Biodegradable soap and a water spigot can get you plenty clean! You can even take biodegradable soap to a creek or lake you may be camping around. It’s safe for the environment and will still get you plenty clean. If you’ve gone on a long hike or bike ride and have access to water, give yourself a good cleaning. Your body and night of sleep will thank you. Add this to your showers and make sure it’s packed.

Pack a Microfiber Towel

Road trip

If you are one who likes to save on space, a microfiber towel will help you do just that. Microfiber towels fold up extremely small and dry quickly.

You can fit a microfiber towel in a daypack. Pack your biodegradable soap and see what water you can find. If you’re in a pinch, soak the towel with water and give yourself a wipe-down before you head to bed.

Carry Extra Water

Extra water is good for a variety of reasons. Whether you bring along a couple of gallon jugs or even some extra water bottles, they can come in handy if you need to clean yourself. Wetting a towel or even dumping water on your head will greatly assist you in maintaining your cleanliness. Depending on the camper van you have, you may have limited water. Bringing along extra water to keep yourself in good condition is helpful.

Bring Along your Toiletries

Smalls Campervan

Don’t feel as if you can’t bring along some of your personal items that keep you comfortable. Whether it’s a razor or face wash, go ahead and bring them. If you find access to public showers, you’ll be thankful that you can get your full cleaning experience. Yes, they take up extra room, but they’re well worth it.

Being able to stay clean is not only going to help your road trip last longer, but it will also make your time that much more enjoyable. Be intentional with how you stay clean and you’ll find yourself with much more energy and in a much better mood.

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