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Top 5 Tips for RV Adventuring With Your Dog

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If you own pets, planning a weekend or long-term trip away can be tricky. You’re typically stuck with either boarding them or asking friends/family to watch your best friend. Wouldn’t it be better to bring them along? Next time you’re planning an RV trip, bring your furry friend along – it’s simpler than you think! There’s nothing your dog will love more than accompanying you on your many outdoor adventures. We’ve compiled some tips and tricks to make vanlife with your furry friends a breeze!

 Top 5 Tips for RV Adventuring With Your Dog

  1. Plan your trip ahead of time – research is key!
  2. Keep your pet cool
  3. Practice makes perfect
  4. Make your RV or campervan comfortable for your pup
  5. Pack for worst-case scenarios

1. Plan Your Trip Ahead of Time

Camping with Pets

When traveling with your furry friend, it is important to do some research ahead of time such as mapping out pet-friendly campsites and researching pet-friendly rental options.

The best part of renting a camper van from Native Campervans? We allow pets for only a $100 fee. Our vanlifers can easily bring their furry friends on their next adventure. If you’re going another route, not only do you need to make sure the rental company you use allows dogs, but it’s also important that the campgrounds you plan to visit allow dogs!

Colorado travelers have many dog-friendly camping options such as:

If you’re traveling outside of Colorado, researching dog-friendly campsites is relatively easy with sites like Unfortunately, most if not all National Parks have restrictions around bringing pets, but with a little research, you can find camp spots close to National Parks that allow dogs! If you’re still unsure after searching on The Dyrt, give the campground you have in mind a call.

Once you’ve planned your pet-friendly camp route, it’s time to make sure your RV is all set for your trip.

2. Keep Your Dog Cool in the RV

Campervans with Dogs

Depending on the time of year you go and if you’re planning on leaving your pup in your RV or campervan while you explore neighboring towns or non-pet-friendly sites, you need to plan for keeping your pup cool.

First off, make sure the outside temps don’t exceed 70 degrees. The temperature in your van can rise nearly 20 degrees in as little as ten minutes. See temperature guidelines for more information.

Always make sure to run a fan if you are going to leave your pup in the RV and open windows/vents and get some air circulation for your furry friend.

All of our vans come equipped with remote-operated fans to easily cool your dog down during the day. In addition, you can add a sunshade onto any van rental to create a little extra shade for your pet to lounge in at the campsite.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

Camping with Pets

The more you practice taking your pup with you on your RVing adventures, the better off you’ll be! We suggest testing out pup-ventures with short weekend trips at first.

You’ll never know what toys, tools, or techniques you’re missing until you give pet-friendly RV’ing a try a few times! Our campervans are available to rent for shorter trips (3-night minimum) so you can get a feel for what it’s like to travel with your pet before going on longer, multi-week adventures.

4. Make Your Van and RV Comfortable For Your Dog

Campers Pets

Traveling will be a little scary for your pup at first. It is important to make your furry friend feel at home when on weekend trips or longer trips.

We suggest packing your pups’ favorite toys, blankets, and/or bed. These items are familiar to your pet and are filled with the smells of home. Let’s face it, the RV will take some time for your dog to get used to, and something that reminds them of home will ease the transition.

In addition to a few of your dog’s favorite things make sure you bring travel bowls, a harness, multiple leashes, and a stockpile of poop bags! Travel bowls are storable and won’t clink around or break when your RV is in motion.

A harness allows your dog more freedom of movement while giving you more control over your pup. The RV and the campgrounds will present new smells, new people, and unfamiliar surroundings for your pet. Making sure your pet is secure and under your control is extremely important for your safety, your pup’s safety, and the overall health of the campground.

In addition, you never know when a leash will break or magically disappear. To bring your dog along on adventures, make sure you have a backup leash in case your main leash is lost or breaks.

Third, poop bags! The campgrounds and surrounding nature aren’t free game. It is important to abide by the leave no trace camping principles and make sure you’re cleaning up after your pup on your escapades.

Finally, make sure you understand proper training principles and have an understanding of your dog’s needs and personality. Unless you’re camping off-grid, you’ll usually park in populated campsites. It is important to keep your pup under control when around others.

All of our campervans are equipped with storage solutions to help you easily store your pups bowls, bed, toys, leashes, and harnesses when you are moving from campsite to campsite.

5. Pack For Worst-Case Scenarios

Camping with Pets

It’s not fun to think about but planning for a lost or injured pet is an important part of best practices for RV’ing with your furry family member.

If you can, obtain pet insurance before you go on your trip. Pet insurance helps if your pet is hurt while on your adventure, pet insurance may mitigate the cost of vet visits and injuries.

In addition to pet insurance, packing a first aid kit should be high on your list. A first aid kit could come in handy to treat cuts, scrapes, or gashes on your pet as well as yourself!

Finally, having a plan if your dog escapes your RV is ideal. Many dogs, especially in new surroundings, may try to escape out of fear. There are multiple tracking devices you can purchase before hitting the road that will help you easily track your pet.

Researching and purchasing a GPS device like an Apple Air Tag or a GPS collar will go a long way

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Your Pup With You!

New things can be scary, especially when they involve your beloved family member. However, if you use the tips we provided, and do some research ahead of your trip we are sure your RV adventure will be awesome for both you and your pup!

Our campervans are available to rent for short three-night trips. A three-night trip is a great way to practice bringing your pet on longer adventures.

Remember: have fun and leave no trace!

If you’re looking for a high-quality campervan rental make sure to check out our van options for your next trip. Availability is scarce in our peak months, so don’t wait to reserve your camper.

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