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Taking on Taos, New Mexico in a Campervan

Taos New Mexico Campervan Rental

If you feel yourself starting to get restless and dream of long days and even longer nights spent on the road with your favorite travel companion or around a fire somewhere deep in the woods, we’ve got the perfect long weekend trip for you. Enter: Taos, New Mexico. We’ve put together the perfect 3-night, 4-day campervan trip itinerary from Denver to Taos. Put that work computer away, and let’s get moving! We have ground to cover and sights to see.

 Day 1: Native Campervans HQ to Taos, New Mexico

Distance: 288 miles
Time: 4hr 43min

Happy Friday, campervan travelers (or Monday, Tuesday, or any day you’re starting this trip)! You’ve picked up your campervan from our HQ and hit I-25 S. You’ll be in Taos in no time! But, for real, the trip from Denver to Taos is so quick you could easily do this in a weekend.

You may be excited to get the ball rolling as you roll into town. Let’s take a few minutes to claim a spot at one of the campgrounds around Taos, New Mexico. One of our favorite camp spots is Taos Junction Campground.

 Taos Junction is a BLM site with little to no frills – there are toilets and drinking water, though! What you give up in frills, you gain in gorgeous views and scenery. You may be entering the camp spot near dark, if that’s the case, the sky is about to open up into a vast sea of stars, milky ways, and galaxies.

You’ll wake up to views of the Rio Grande and mountain range that rival some of the most beautiful sceneries in the world. If you’re lucky, you’ll see some of the natural wildlife, like big horn sheep and elk.

Once you’ve claimed your spot at Taos Junction Campground, grab a bite to eat at one of Taos’ best restaurants. If you’re looking for somewhere high-end, try out Part. It’s a relaxed wine bar and beer retailer. If you’re looking for something unique to Taos with a more relaxed video, try Doc Martin’s. Doc Martin’s is located inside a historic home and features vibrantly decorated walls, and you can sometimes catch a local jazz musician playing a soulful tune.

Once you’ve filled your belly and your cups for the evening, head back to your campsite to relax and take in the vast sky, stars, and nature around you. We’ve got a heavy schedule tomorrow (if you’re up for it), so hit the hay early!

Campervan Taos New Mexico

Day 2: Explore Taos New Mexico – Nature Vibes

Day 2 is a great day to get your hiking shoes on and hit the mountains. After all, Taos is labeled as one of the best mountain towns in America. Taos stretches from mountains to mesa, so visitors will never be bored with their surroundings. We suggest spending the day exploring one of the many hiking trails around the Taos area.

 One of the best hikes is the Divisadero Peak. This trail is a moderately hard 5.6-mile loop that will eat up a good 3 hours of your day. This trail is friendly to mountain bikers and hikers, so if you’re a big biker, you’re in luck!

 Another must-see hiking spot in Taos, NM, is the Taos Ski Valley. Whether you visit in the winter or summer months, there is something to do for everyone! If you’re in town when snow is on the ground, grab a pair of skis and hit the slopes. The mountain is friendly to beginners and experts alike.

Mountain bikers can also find 1200+ miles of trails in the Taos Ski Valley. There is nothing like the mountain biking trails in the Ski Valley. These trails were specifically designed with mountain bikers in mind featuring single and double-track routes, loops, and terrain for every skill level.

Want to do something unique to New Mexico? Try a llama trekking trip. Unlike horseback riding, you’ll be using your own two feet to traverse the mountainside, but your llama friend will carry all your gear!

After a fun day exploring all the nature that Taos has to offer, stop by the Adobe Bar and grab a good ol’ fashioned burger and a beer before heading back to the campsite. We’ve got some historical sites to see tomorrow!

Campervan Taos

Day 3: Explore Taos, New Mexico – Local Vibes

 You can do quite a few scenic drives in Taos, NM. First and foremost, check out the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. Volcanic cones, rugged terrain, open Plaines, and so much more! What more could you want out of a national monument.  The best part? You can drive up to this monument and take a hike around the area.

 Not only does this national monument offer beautiful views, but it also offers a peek into prehistoric times with prehistoric dwelling sites, petroglyphs, and more.

 Once you’re done with Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, drive your campervan along the Low Road from Taos and Santa Fe. You’ll drive through narrow canyon roads open to beautiful vistas looking over the Rio Grande. This drive is truly magical and one to be enjoyed.

 Other options for your “Local Vibes” day include visiting the Earthships or Taos Art Museum. Choose either or both; whatever you choose, you will surely encounter a truly unique New Mexico experience. The earth ships are special and are homes designed for sustainable, off-grid living. They incorporate sustainability into art and beauty. The Taos Art Museum will allow you to see local works of art and truly immerse yourself in the Taos, NM culture.

 Whatever you get up to, we’re sure you’ll get the full Taos, NM experience.

 Day 4: The Trek Back to Denver, CO

Distance: 288 miles
Time: 4hr 43min

New Mexico Desert

It’s time to make the track back to the Native Campervan HQ. We can’t wait to hear what you got up to in Taos, NM. Make sure you stock up on the road trip snacks and queue up the playlist. We’ll welcome you back to Denver with open arms. Tag us on social media (@nativecampervans) to see what you got up to on your epic campervan trip to Taos, NM.

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