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The Most Epic Los Angeles to Las Vegas Road Trip

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Interested in experiencing the beauty and National Parks California offers, but don’t want to spend two weeks and 2,000+ miles road-tripping? Then we’ve got the perfect itinerary for you! We have drafted a shorter Los Angeles to Las Vegas road trip for you to enjoy. This one will allow you to cross off 2 of those nine national parks in 5 days and see tons of other awesome places California has to offer! 

First, you’ll want to book the camper van through Native Campervans Los Angeles. Booking is now open, and campervan rentals are available starting in spring 2023, which makes for a perfect time to visit some of the hottest places in California!

Las Angeles to Vegas Road Trip Map

Day 1: Los Angeles to Joshua Tree National Park

Once you’ve picked up your campervan rental at our Los Angeles location, you’re ready to hit the road and experience vanlife. If you haven’t already explored the wonderful city of LA, we highly recommend doing so! One of our favorite places is the Santa Monica Pier, where you can see the ending point of old route 66 – only fitting when you are on a road trip! 

After taking some time to explore LA, head west towards your first stop, Joshua Tree, only 2.5 hours from the city. Once you arrive, explore stops on the park road while you make your way to your campsite.

Where to camp: Jumbo Rocks Campground

Joshua Tree Califronia road trip

DAY 2: Joshua Tree National Park

Explore the wonders of Joshua Tree National Park! Wake up early and enjoy the sun rising above the towering rocks and Joshua trees surrounding you. Today is about experiencing all the great spots Joshua Tree has to offer! 

Stop 1: Ryan Mountain 

This moderate 3-mile round trip hike with some elevation gain offers the best view from the heart of the park. With an almost 360-degree view, you’ll see Mount San Jacinto, the wonderland of rocks, and the Pinto Basin.

Stop 2: Barker Dam and Petroglyphs or Wall Street Mill

From the same parking lot, you have two options;

Barker Dam and Petroglyphs offers an easy 1.1-mile hike that leads to a hopeful Dam filled with water. On the return of this hike, you’ll be able to spot some petroglyphs located in an alcove. Wall Street Mill is another easy out and back 2-mile hike that leads you to a stamp mill used to process ore from Desert Queen Mine. Parts of the structure are still standing, and it’s said to be one of the best preserved of its kind in the desert.  

Stop 3: Live Oak Tree 

Drive to the Live Oak Tree picnic area but don’t park; continue west down the dirt road until the end, where you’ll encounter a short trail that will directly take you to a live towering oak tree nestled in the burning hot Mojave Desert. 

Stop 4:  Skull Rock 

Skull Rock is an easier hike you can access from Jumbo Rocks Campground. With minimal elevation gain, it’ll be a lovely evening stroll. Skull rock is exactly how it sounds; a rock shaped like a skull. 

As you near the end of day 2, and before you crawl into your Native Campervan for a good night’s rest, look up at the stars. If you’re lucky, you might be able to see the milky way. 

Campervan Alabama Hills Vegas road trip

DAY 3: Alabama Hills

Get up on the earlier side since the drive is just under 4 hours to Alabama Hills. Enjoy these hills and rock formations beneath the gorgeous Sierra Nevadas. 

Where to camp: Free Dispersed camping, Portuguese Joe Campground 

Stop 1: Mobius Arch Loop Trail 

Travel along this mellow .6-mile walk through a boulder field filled with funky rocks and unique arches, including an arch shaped like a heart!

Stop 2: Alabama Hills Movie Road 

Drive down a portion of this 17-mile road where over 400 movies have been filmed, and take in the gorgeous views of the Alabama Hills surrounding you. Warning: the 17-mile road is unpaved and might be impassable in the campervans, but you can travel down as much of the road as you want via foot or bike. 

Stop 3: Eye of Alabama Hills Arch 

As you drive (or walk) down Movie Road, there are many pull-offs and trails to explore,  leading to natural arches hiding behind boulders with unbelievable views. 

Death Valley Los Vegas road trip

DAY 4: Death Valley National Park

Where to stay: Furnace Creek Campsite 

Stop 1: Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes 

Explore and learn about these massive dunes as you make your first stop in Death Valley. 

Stop 2: Zabriskie Point 

This half-mile out-and-back hike is one of the most popular spots in the park and offers some of the best views, especially around sunset! 

DAY 5: Death Valley National Park to Las Vegas

Wake up and get ready for the last day of your Los Angeles to Las Vegas road trip. Today you’ll enjoy the most famous stops within Death Valley National Park. 

Stop 1: Artists Drive

Enjoy this colorful scenic drive as you travel past bright colors painted onto the hills from volcanic deposits. Don’t forget to get out and walk around at Artist Point too! 

Stop 2: Devils Golf Course

This field of crazy salt rock that has eroded into abstract shapes from rain and wind is a blast to walk over and explore all the nooks and crannies.

Stop 3: Badwater Basin 

These salt flats offer the lowest point in North America. Enjoy exploring the unique designs the salt creates on the surface when walking around! 

Stop 4: Harmony Borax Works 

On your way out of the park, take one last stop to see the well-preserved ruins of Harmony Borax Works. See adobe masonry surrounded by the borax refining machinery and a 20-mule team wagon.

If you want to extend your time in Death Valley NP, check out this 3-day itinerary from Native Campervans Las Vegas. 

We hope you had an amazing time on your Los Angeles to Las Vegas road trip. After making your last stop in Death Valley, enjoy the scenery as you travel just over 2 hours to Native Campervan Las Vegas to drop off your one-way campervan rental. Keep in mind, that you can always do this itinerary in reserve order and begin your adventure from our Las Vegas Campervan Rental office. Tag us on social media (@nativecampervans) to let us know what adventure you chose!

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