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7 Tips to Keep Cool in your Campervan

Keep Cool Campervan

Nothing is worse than extreme heat on your vacation, especially if your itinerary takes you to some of the hotter locations in peak summer. We want to make sure you are comfortable and stay cool in your campervan. Additionally, we put together some tips to maximize the cooling features in your van. Stay cool, friends.

Beat the Summer Heat on Your Campervan Trip With These 7 Tips

  1. Run fans at night
  2. Camp at higher elevations when possible
  3. Open screen vents or crack windows to increase airflow
  4. Put up the window covers day or night
  5. Rent our sunshade for daytime sun blockage
  6. Stay hydrated
  7. Park in the shade

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Run the fans at night

Running the fans at night will help the hot air circulate out of the van and replace it with cool, night air. When the van starts off at a cooler temperature, it will take longer for the interior to warm up during the day. Ventilation is a major factor in keeping the van cool. 

All of our campervans are equipped with MAXXFAN, a high-powered ceiling fan to kickstart ventilation and keep you cool. The MAXXFAN is easy to operate and runs off the ancillary battery + solar. Additionally, the fan also comes equipped with a rain sensor that will immediately close the top for those surprise summer rain showers.


Camp at higher elevations when possible

The higher up you go, the thinner and colder the air is! The higher elevation has lower air pressure which keeps the temperature low.

If you’re traveling in the van in the summer, we suggest looking for campgrounds that feature a high elevation rating and have some type of water features such as a lake or stream. You can take a dip in the lake to cool down from your daytime adventure, then bundle up for a cozy night’s sleep.


Open screen vents or crack windows to increase airflow

This technique is a great addition to the MAXXFAN. Opening screen vents or cracking windows creates ventilation throughout the van and acts as a natural cooling device. As air flows through the van the temperature will start to decrease. Implement this technique at night for optimal results. 

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Put up the window covers day or night

The goal on hot days is to keep the sun out of the van. Keeping the sun out of the van will bring the interior temperature down. Window covers are a great way to keep the interior of the campervan stays cool and the sun out. All of our vans are outfitted with window covers that you can easily place over the windows to keep the sun out.

We suggest putting the window covers up before you go to sleep at night so the cool night air stays inside the van during the day. The covers also act as a great morning sunlight blocker if you’re looking to sleep in a little bit. 

Rent our sunshade for daytime sunblockage

Oftentimes, campsites lack good shade, so it’s hard to find a way to hang outside of the van that isn’t in direct sunlight. That’s why we have sunshades available to rent to ensure you stay cool. They are easy to set up and position next to the van. 

After a few minutes of set-up, you’ll have a little space to relax out of the sun.

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Stay hydrated

The hotter it is, the more water you need to drink. If you’re going on a van-venture in the summertime, make sure you bring a few gallons of water. That way, you can easily restock your water bottle anytime you need it. You’re guaranteed to sweat a lot in the summer heat, and you need to hydrate! Many campgrounds have free fill-up points. 

As an alternative to packing a few gallons of water, add a reusable water bottle to your packing list so you’ll never be without water. Hydrating is important to keep heat hangovers at bay. Stay hydrated to get the most out of your van venture. If your campervan gets warm you’ll be glad to have some extra water to help keep you cool.

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Park in the shade

No matter how hot it is, you’ll want to plan to keep the interior of your van as cool as possible. Just like getting into a stuffy car that’s been sitting in the sun all day, your van will feel the same way if it’s parked in the sun for an extended period of time. Scout out a shaded area to park the van in while you’re off on your adventures.

We hope that you don’t have to experience extreme heat while out on your campervan trip. If you do, these tips will help keep you from baking in the van. If you have some tips and tricks you’ve developed over the years, share them! We’re always looking for unique ways to keep cool in the summer months!

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