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36 Hours of Vanlife in Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon Campervan

There is nothing like the feeling of embarking on a well-deserved vacation. The work computer is stored away, and you’re in the driver’s seat of your campervan barreling down the highway towards 36 majestical hours in Bryce Canyon National Park. Bryce Canyon is hoodoo haven. Spire-shaped rock formations soar upwards in the sky and expand outward for miles. The Park is in Southern Utah and is home to vast vistas and life-changing sunsets. You’re in for a weekend of marvel, wonder, and merriment as you make Bryce Canyon your personal weekend playground. We’ve created a wicked itinerary to help you maximize 36 hours in this magnificent place. Let’s get into it!

Bryce Canyon

DAY 01: Stretch the Legs

There is nothing like a good hike after a long day of travel. We don’t want to get you too tired before a full day of park play tomorrow, so let’s do an easy hike to get a feel for Bryce Canyon. Our two favorites are the Navajo Loop Trail and Sunset Point to Sunrise Point Trail.

Navajo Loop Trail

Navajo Loop is an easy-to-moderate 1.4-mile loop. Say hi to Thor’s Hammer for us. No, it’s not really Thor’s Hammer from the movie, but the most famous Hoodoo in the park resides along Navajo Loop Trail.

On this trail, you’ll walk alongside natural limestone creations and weave your way down through multiple switchbacks until you find yourself in the amphitheater looking out over the hoodoos and huge Douglas-fir trees that adorn the cliffs and hillsides.

Sunset Point to Sunrise Point

The Sunset Point to Sunrise Point hike is short and sweet. It is a 1.1-mile out-and-back trail. We’ve heard that you may run into some of the many animals that call Bryce Canyon National Park home.

This hike is compatible with all skill levels. Hikers can expect to see amazing vistas from all sides. One previous hiker says the air is fragrant with the smell of pine trees. We recommend doing this trail if you’re arriving at the park near sunset.  

If you’re not up for a hike right off the bat, take a scenic drive. If you choose to do the whole park it will only take you three hours to visit all 13 viewpoints. This is a great option if you’re into scouting out spots to hit for the next day’s sunrise!

When you’ve sufficiently explored the BCNP, head to camp and get set up for the night. We’re getting up early – we can’t miss a once and a lifetime sunrise view!

Camping Recommendation:

One of our favorite campsites is the dispersed camping site in Dixie National Forest. The campground is minimal as far as amenities go but it is halfway between Bryce Canyon NP and Red Canyon Recreation Area. There are great views of the surrounding hills and pine trees.

If you’re looking for a campground a little closer to the park, North Campground is a great option for you. North Campground is in Bryce Canyon NP. Campers are a short two-minute walk to the rim and close to many trailheads.

Both campgrounds are first come first serve so make sure to claim your spot early! Once you get a spot, get the campfire roaring and relax. You’re in for an early morning!

Bryce Canyon

DAY 02: Explore the Park

Good morning! Take a swig of your choice of morning beverage (for us it’s a hefty cup of coffee) and head over to Sunset Point. Watch the morning light bounce off the Silent City and make its way up the many Hoodoos; marvel as the sun turns these hoodoos from a dark red to bright pinks and oranges. Nowhere in the world is there a view of a sunrise like the view from Sunset Point. Another great option for sunrise viewing is Bryce Point. Nothing beats watching the sun rise over Bryce Canyon from the comfort of a campervan. Whichever spot you choose, you won’t be disappointed!

We hope you packed some snacks because we’re going on a hike! If not, pack up some lunch and hit the trails. We’re doing Fairyland Loop Trail. Fairyland is a 7.8-mile loop. This hike is popular, but we hear that it can feel like you’re completely alone no matter how many people are on the trail. The views are other worldly!

Once you’ve made it back to the van, take a drive over to the Natural Bridge. This natural arch is 85 feet long and 125 feet high. Its visible from the side of the road, and there is plenty of room to safely pull off. 

A great selfie spot is Agua Canyon. Two prominent Hoodoos adorn the side of a walk-out ledge. Stop and grab a quick pic to remember your time in BCNP!

Camper Van in Bryce Canyon

The Adventure Doesn’t Stop Here!

After that whirlwind trip through Bryce Canyon in your campervan, we don’t blame you if you’re craving a little more of that Southern Utah desert magic. From BCNP you can hit up Escalante National Monument to the East or Zion National Park to the West. 

Escalante spans almost one million acres of public lands. It features rugged landscapes, a natural staircase, terraces, and sweeping canyon views. This escape features hiking, climbing, and ample guided opportunities.

Zion National Park offers hiking, canyoneering, horseback riding, backpacking, and hiking. Both parks are beautiful and enchanting.

Tag us (@nativecampervans) and let us know where you ended up! We love to see what our fellow van lovers get up to!

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