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The Best Podcasts For Your Road Trip

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Amidst the breathtaking stops on your road trip, there is a lot of time cruising on the open road. While jamming out to your favorite tunes (or tuning into the Native Campervans Road Trip Playlist) is unbeatable, what do you do when you need a break from the beats? Cue podcasts! They’re perfect for passing the time, learning new things, or simply bursting into laughter. Check out some of our top podcast picks for your next campervan rental road trip!

Completely Arbortray

Calling all tree and nature enthusiasts! Casey Clapp and Alex Crowson have the perfect podcast for you. Every week, they delve into a new amazing tree. Explore the science, history, and fascinating facts about diverse trees worldwide. Planning a visit to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park? This podcast is your go-to for prepping before you stand amongst the giants!

Backpacker Radio 

This podcast focuses on all things backpacking and camping. From financial tips to essential packing guidance and personal anecdotes, it covers it all. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or new to the backpacking world, this resource-packed podcast is an exciting listen, perfect for fueling your adventurous spirit.

Park Predators

This podcast is not for the faint of heart. Prepare for thrills, mystery, and a touch of crime in each episode. This podcast unveils unsolved cases of individuals who’ve gone missing in national parks. Don’t let these stories deter you from our incredible national parks; rather, let them ignite your curiosity!

Midnight Facts for Insomniacs  

Join comedians Shane Rogers and Duncan MacEwan for a blend of wit, humor, and intriguing facts! Each episode delves into new and offbeat topics. They discuss topics like famous ships lost at sea, strange and unique sports, and clowns’ weird and creepy history. These guys have it all for those keen on discovering unusual facts.

History on Fire 

History on Fire is similar to Midnight Facts but focuses on specific historical events. This podcast is a gem for history buffs and anyone fascinated by humanity’s past. History professor Daniele Bolelli does a fantastic job of breaking down the most intense moments in human history, offering an enthralling dive into our past. 

We hope you enjoy these amazing road trip podcasts. Let us know what your favorite podcast is on our social media @nativecampervans

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