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Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Arizona

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Throughout the years, we’ve toasted anniversaries and been a part of magical proposals. Escaping into nature with someone you love is an extraordinary way to cherish love. Picture this: sipping a warm cup of coffee as the sun paints the Arizona landscape. This Valentine’s Day, immerse yourself in the heart of Arizona’s beauty on a road trip with your campervan rental. When you are not exploring national parks or driving through scenic byways, there are other adventures you can have on your road trip. Pick which one you want to embark on and create an unforgettable memory. Don’t forget to explore our Arizona Page to get even more ideas of where to go on your road trip! 

Arizona Wineries

There are over 30 remarkable wineries spread across Arizona. Indulge in a delightful glass of wine with your special someone while looking across the vineyard. Each region boasts unique flavors crafted by the soil and climate. You could even plan your entire road trip to visit each winery! 

Phoenix Hot Air Balloon Ride

Seeking a thrilling experience? Try a hot air balloon ride! Witnessing Phoenix from the lofty vantage of a hot air balloon feels otherworldly. These rides take place in the morning when the air is crisp, and the temperature is perfect. Share a warm cup of coffee with your beloved and witness the sunrise from the sky. 

Horseback Riding

You can go for a horseback riding excursion in many parts of Arizona. One of the best spots is the Sonoran Desert. Sonoran sits right outside of Saguaro National Park, so you will be able to explore the park after your ride through the desert. Witness nature’s wonders astride a magnificent stallion, soaking in the views of the world’s largest cacti and spotting unique wildlife. 

Kayak Emerald Cave

Situated on the border of Nevada and Arizona, the enchanting cav is easily accessible from our Las Vegas and Phoenix offices. This adventure is a 3-hour guided tour that takes you through 4 miles of stunning waterways. Spot wildlife and bask in the refreshing waters. An ideal activity for water sports enthusiasts and adventurous couples alike. 

Private Helicopter Tour

If a hot air balloon doesn’t excite you, a helicopter ride over Sedona might. Embrace the breathtaking red and green hues of Sedona, feeling as though you’re part of a thrilling spy movie. Enjoy a two-hour ride over one of Arizona’s prized destinations.

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