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Carbon Offset Travel

Carbon Offset

Adventuring Responsibly

We have built our business around outdoor exploration, and we’re passionate about preserving the natural landscapes we know and love.  That’s why we’re stepping up to offset the carbon emissions from every campervan we rent.

With our carbon offset, we’ve already reduced our carbon footprint by 550 metric tons.  That’s equivalent to saving 1273 barrels of oil, taking 117 cars off the road for a year. More precisely, removing the emissions of our entire campervan fleet from the atmosphere this year.

How it Works

By purchasing carbon offset credits, we are counteracting the annual emissions of our vehicles.  Carbon offset projects can take many forms, but through our partnership with 3Degrees, we’re supporting verified emissions reduction initiatives. Overall, the end goal is to avoid, capture, or eliminate greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions produced by our vehicles.  While some companies choose to pass the cost of carbon mitigation on to their customers, we’re opting to take on the responsibility ourselves.  

Utah Campervan Rentals
‘‘The end goal is to avoid, capture, or eliminate greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions produced by our vehicles.‘‘

About 3Degrees

A climate and carbon offset leader, 3Degrees partners with companies big and small to lower the environmental impact of business. They are a Certified B Corp and have been recognized by the EPA and climate action organizations for their work.  Lyft, Etsy, and now Native Campervans have tapped 3Degrees to help mitigate the carbon output of our respective businesses. 

Striking a Balance

We know that every action has an environmental impact. Total perfection is impossible, but that’s not stopping us from working to tip the scales.  We’re voluntarily taking accountability for the carbon output of our vans because we want wild places to be here for generations to come. We acknowledge that this is only a small part of our total impact on the planet as humans. We’re excited to start with carbon offset.


‘‘We want to help people get out and enjoy the outdoors, and to do it responsibly.’’

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