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Colorado Hot Springs Road Trip

There are close to a hundred hot springs in the state of Colorado; some developed, and others have not. We have compiled a list of the best hot springs in Colorado (in our opinion) to check out while you are on your campervan road trip with Native Campervans.   

Let’s first start by explaining the two different types of hot springs. We’ll start with our developed hot springs. These are places that are built up commercially that often offer additional amenities. They will have steps down into the pools, offer towels, established camping on-site, and many more modern accommodations. 

Next is the natural primitive hot spring experience. Many will include a hike to and from the pools and be a more natural experience. Most of these pools are alongside rivers or random pool openings hidden in fields. The benefit of these free primitive spots is that they are usually less crowded and often have an untouched beauty. 

Let’s jump into the list!

Colorado Hot Springs Road Trip Map

Mount Princeton Hot Springs:

These springs are located just south of Buena Vista. They are nestled in the mountains and offer a selection of different pools and springs to choose from. Whether you want to soak in the natural hot spring pools alongside Chalk Creek, a soaking pool, an infinity pool, or even a waterslide, they are all heated by natural geothermal heat. Prices to utilize the pools range from $30-40 depending on age and the day of the week. 

Glenwood Hot Springs: 

Centrally located in a mountain town right off i-70, this hot spring resort has been around for over 100 years. They have two main pools for soaking, a water chute, a splash zone for those traveling with kids, and a grand fountain. Prices to enjoy these springs range from $20 – $40 depending on age and time of year. 

Conundrum Hot Springs: 

If you feel like trading your campervan bed for a night under the stars, this hot spring is for you. 

One of the harder hot springs to access because it not only includes a 9-mile hike to the springs but also requires you to have a permit. The good thing about the permit and hike is that you will be able to camp near the hot springs with a limited amount of people. The best part doesn’t stop there; these hot springs are surrounded by absolute wilderness and towering mountains. Take a morning soak, do a hike to a gorgeous view, and soak those sore muscles before a good night’s rest under the stars. 

Strawberry Park Hot Spring: 

These hot spring pools cascade into each other as towering trees surround them. Another hot spring resort that offers natural soaking pools alongside lodging, massage amenities, camping, and heated cabins to change in before and after a soak. Strawberry Park Hot Springs is located in Steamboat Springs, tucked away in the wilderness. For $20 per person, you can soak away your sore muscles, whether it’s from skiing/snowboarding or hiking one of the mountains close by. 

Colorado campervan hot springs vacation

Bonus Hot Springs! These are more off the beaten path, but they are certainly noteworthy! 

South Canyon Hot Springs: 

These hot springs are located only about 15 minutes from Glenwood Springs. If you are driving on i-70 West, take exit 111 towards South Canyon, take a left onto Co Rd 134/ South Canyon Creek Road, and drive about 1.2 miles until you reach a parking area on the right. From there, it is only ⅛ of a mile to the pools. Once there, there are two pools to choose from. One main big pool and another smaller one. The size and temperature range depending on the weather and season. The temperature usually stays between 100- 112 degrees and offers an amazing view of the mountains while you soak. 

Penny Hot Springs: 

This one is going to require the least amount of effort. These hot springs are located right off the road. Simply pull on up, and hop in the warm water! These hot springs are located along the Crystal River and are completely free to use! The best way to access them will be turning onto CO-133 South starting in Carbondale, CO. After driving south for about 13 miles, you will see a large pull-off made into a parking lot on your left-hand side. Once parked, head down the hill towards the river. There you will find pools of warm to hot water depending on the season and water runoff. 

Ouray Hot Springs: 

Another hot spring establishment is located directly in a tourist destination. Ouray, a town that is nestled in between towering mountainous peaks with an old western vibe, is the perfect place to stop on a road trip; and having access to hot springs is only a plus. These pools are open year-round, with temperatures ranging from 71- 101 degrees. Prices range from free to $21 for a day pass. 

While taking a campervan road trip to Colorado’s best hot springs may have never crossed your mind, I’m sure it has now! The best part about visiting hot springs in Colorado is you’re guaranteed to pass by some form of travel destination along the way. So why not experience these picturesque places and enjoy a relaxing soak in geothermally heated water while you make your way through so many iconic Colorado locations? 

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