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How to Find Last-Minute Campsites

You’ve booked a campervan for an epic road trip and are starting to book campgrounds, but a moment of panic sets in when you realize the National Park campground you’d like to stay at is full. This can be a stressful part of the planning process, but we’ve put together this helpful guide that walks you through five different options you have if you need last-minute camping

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1. First Come, First Serve

Many Campgrounds, including National Park Campgrounds, have first come, first serve sites that are reserved for walk-up reservations. While these sites can be limited, they can be a lifesaver if you can snag one. The best way to try and secure a first come, first serve campground is to show up early on the day you want to start your stay. The Park Rangers or Campground Hosts will be able to let you know pretty quickly if there are any sites available. 

As a reminder, all of our Native Campervans can fit into tent-only sites and do not need hookups. This exponentially opens up the number of sites that you can camp in. 

2. BLM Land

The Western United States is home to the most BLM land, and a campervan is one of the best ways to access it! For those unfamiliar with BLM land, it is government-managed land that is designated for public use. BLM land has a ton of incredible dispersed camping options, making it a great option for last-minute camping. They are typically away from the crowds and often have amazing views. Sorting through all of the different options for dispersed camping can be daunting, but our friends at The Dyrt make it easy to narrow things down and see reviews from other campers. Use promo code NAT30 for 30 days of free use of The Dyrt Pro. 

If you’d like more information, take a look at our article highlighting all things dispersed camping.

3. State Parks / National Forest Campgrounds 

While National Parks get the most attention, there are loads of amazing State Parks, National Monuments, and National Forests that are hidden gems and provide easy access to must-see spots! Unlike dispersed camping, you can typically reserve sites at State Parks, giving you some extra comfort in your planning process. Check out our Utah Beyond the National Parks article, and for other epic itineraries, click here.

4. Private Campgrounds 

Private Campgrounds are an excellent option for families and anyone looking for many amenities. From pools to hot showers, private campgrounds provide creature comforts while still being close to the places you want to explore. They also typically have availability if you are booking a last-minute trip. KOA and Jellystone Park are just some examples of major, well-established private campground brands. 

Another option is to use peer-to-peer platforms where individuals rent campgrounds on their own property. These campgrounds can range from someone’s backyard to open space at a brewery. These sites are relatively affordable and are a great way to find last-minute sites! Our favorite site to use is Hipcamp

5. Campground Availability Checker 

For a super efficient way to zero in on last-minute camping, try out the recently developed tech that scans for availability at campgrounds you’re interested in and alerts you about open spots. The most user-friendly site that does this is The Dyrt, through its Dyrt Alert platform. You can set alerts for any campground for specific dates and for any length of stay. 

At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember throughout your planning process is that taking a campervan road trip provides ultimate flexibility, and it’s often the unexpected spots that lead to some of the best memories. 

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