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Digital Detox 101 – Hit the Road

Digital Detox

Ten years ago, we used to put coins in a phone booth and go to the restaurant without posting on Instagram. Today, there are more than 2 billion people who own the iPhone. Smartphones have changed our lives, for the better… and for the worse, as most of us are addicted to our phones. Sometimes we need a break from the scrolling and we’re here to show you how to have a successful digital detox.

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A digital detox, what’s the point?

We still know very little about the effects of hyper-connection on technology. What we do know, is that excessive technologies provide stress, burn-out, and tension. Technology is not a problem in itself, it’s the way we use it and our relationship to it can be a problem.

To leave autopilot mode, it is a matter of spending time, here and there, far from technology.

Digital Detox

How to Digital Detox

The goal is not to deprive ourselves totally from the benefits of technology but rather to take advantage of this technology while protecting ourselves from its harmful aspects. To achieve this, here are 7 elements to consider:

1.     No introspection, no detox. Before depriving yourself of your phone for a week, define why you want to undertake a digital detox. To sleep more, to see your family, to play sports? All answers are good; just determine why you do it.

2.     Your road trip must be suitable for your schedule. Choose a weekend or a time that will not jeopardize your detox. Perhaps avoid the day your best friend is expecting her baby. Just saying!

3.     Before you leave, prepare an absence message or tell your loved ones that you will be disconnected for a few days. Of course, we do not want the entire United States to be looking for you.

4.     No wifi = no GPS. Make sure you have on-hand some phone numbers, city maps, and confirmation numbers. Paper maps call for better pictures anyway.

5.     During your detox, turn off ALL electronic devices and keep them away from your sight. Much easier to resist.

6.     Set a game plan. Days without technology may belong. Prepare yourself properly: bring a book, a yoga mat, stack on CD’s for the road or just listen to the sound of nature.

7.     Me time. For your digital detox to be effective, you have to give yourself a solo moment. Draw, meditate, think, read; in short, do what you want. Most important of all, do it for yourself.

 Ready for your detox? Pack your gear, throw in there a few books, leave the smartphone behind, and hit the road! (Just don’t forget to tell mom!).

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