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Top National Parks for Every Month

Discover the natural wonders of America’s diverse landscapes throughout the year with our guide to the top national parks for each month. From the iconic deserts of Death Valley in January to the snow-covered splendor of Wind Cave in December, we’ve curated an adventure-packed itinerary that showcases the beauty and uniqueness of each park during its prime. Let the wilderness be your calendar, and let’s dive into a year of thrilling adventures!

January – Death Valley 

Death Valley is a must-see national park, only two hours outside of our Las Vegas office. January is the best time to visit Death Valley because of the cooler temperatures and smaller crowds. This national park gets busy in the spring and summer, but the temperatures also get intense. If you want to enjoy the vastness of this park without facing the heat, then January is the best time to go. 

February – Saguaro 

Saguaro National Park is a stunning destination of giant cacti and a symbol of the American southwest. This park is only an hour and a half away from our Phoenix office, making it perfect for a weekend getaway. The park sits around 42° to 70° Fahrenheit, perfect sweater weather. Don’t miss out on exploring this beautiful place. 

March – Petrified Forest 

The Petrified Forest is another hot park that’s hot in the summer, making it a great winter destination. This park is only three hours away from our Phoenix office. You will want to bring some layers because it will get chilly. If you want to do an Arizona road trip, check out this perfect itinerary. Remember, parts of Arizona do get cold during the winter, so bring plenty of layers. 

April – Arches National Park

Utah National Parks are best explored in the Spring, which is why Arches is the perfect park to start the season with. Arches is one of the most popular parks in Utah, so hitting it early will help you avoid some of the crowds. Arches is three and a half hours from our Salt Lake City office

Arches National Park

May- Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde is a great place if you love history. Located 6 hours southwest of our Denver location, you can hit this unique national park on a one way rental to our Las Vegas location. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore 700 years of culture. 

June – Badlands 

Badlands National Park is a beautiful place for a getaway. Five hours from our Denver office, this park has plenty of space to explore. We create the perfect Badlands itinerary that you can follow to have the best campervan experience. 

July – Glacier 

Glacier National Park is a stunning park all year round, but it truly shines in the summer. Embrace the blue lakes and green trees while hiking the best trails. Don’t miss the opportunity to bask in the awe of the glaciers before they’re gone forever.

August – Crater Lake

Much like July, August is a busy month for national parks. A beautiful one to visit, even in peak season, is Crater Lake. This park is a bit of a trek, so it’s perfect if you love long drives and making pit stops at new places! We recommend leaving from our Las Vegas shop. You can drive up the state of California and explore the beautiful scenery before you make it to this stunning national park. Check out our page on Crater Lake and find the best places to explore. 

September – Grand Teton

September is a beautiful time to explore any national park, especially ones with changing leaves. Our favorite destination to visit during this wonderful month is Grand Teton. This park turns into a stunning escape of red, orange, and yellow. The park is five hours from our Salt Lake City office. 

Noteworthy mention:  Acadia National Park is known for having the best fall leaves. 

Grand Teton National Park Campervan Rental

October – Rocky Mountain

Luckily the stunning fall leaves don’t always end in September. Another great park to visit in the fall is Rocky Mountain, which is only an hour and a half drive from Denver. The leaves are stunning, and the weather is perfect. Bring along some layers and enjoy a warm campfire while you look up to the stars. 

November – Capital Reef

As the weather cools down, it’s time to head back south and visit warmer spots. Capital Reef is another one of Utah’s mighty five, and though it can get chilly in the evenings, the days are perfect for long hikes and enjoying nature. Learn more about capital reefs with our national parks page

December – Wind Cave

This month’s national park is dedicated to snow lovers. Wind Cave becomes a stunning winter wonderland, ideal for snowshoeing, campfires in the snow, and enjoying snowy views. Located five hours from Denver in South Dakota, it’s a beautiful spot for a winter getaway. Always make sure to check for any alerts on the park, as roads may be closed due to weather conditions.

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