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Protect Our Winters Partnership

Protect Our Winters Partnership

Native Campervans joins climate activists and outdoor leaders in support of Protect Our Winters.

Founded by pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones, Protect Our Winters is a network of outdoor enthusiasts mobilizing to impact climate policy. Jeremy uses his platform to bring awareness to the urgency of the cause. He was even hailed as a “champion of change” by President Obama. We are so excited to have a partnership with Protect Our Winters.

As a company with deep ties to the natural world, we recognize our responsibility to protect the places we play. In the past, we’ve offset the carbon on every campervan we rent. We’ve removed an equivalent of 550 metric tons from the atmosphere to date. 

While it’s a good start, we know that carbon offset travel is only a piece of the larger picture. That’s why we felt it especially necessary to partner with Protect Our Winters to become a climate change ally. Joining brands like Patagonia, The North Face, and Sierra Nevada Brewing, we’re putting our economic vote toward POW’s research, community outreach, and political activism. 

Striving for a goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, Protect Our Winters is working within three strategic pillars to help get us there.  

So how can I get involved, you ask?

Protect Our Winters functions on the concept of ultra-thin margins turning the tides. That extra cross-training session before a trail race. A few on-the-fence voters turned out on election day. You know, the moments that are easy to ignore because they “won’t make a difference.”  

“To solve the climate crisis, the world needs our community,” says POW. “It’s the sum of our small efforts—where we turn our passion into purpose—and deliver climate victories where they’re needed most.” We couldn’t agree more. 

Protect our Winters

Above all, we want to ensure we protect our planet while giving you the best adventure. We’re especially proud to announce our Protect Our Winters partnership. In conclusion, we want to continue taking strides to make adventure via camper vans as green as possible. 

Have an idea on how to make van camping more responsible? We’d love to hear!

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