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Itinerary to the Best Hot Springs in Utah

Hot Springs Utah

If you could imagine the perfect spot for a hot spring, where would it be? Tucked amongst the evergreens, surrounded by sweeping vistas, or nestled between otherworldly rock formations? Well, you don’t have to choose because Native Campervans in Salt Lake City has created the perfect itinerary for the best hot springs in Utah during your camper van rental!

Meadow Hot Springs

These are technically private hot springs but the owner allows access to the public. The pools here are deep, clear, and situated in a rural mountain setting.

Camping Recommendation – Maple Hollow Road

Park your campervan along Maple Hollow Road on National Forest Land under an hour drive from the hot springs and around a 2-hour drive from Diamond Fork.


Mystic Hot Springs

Mineral deposits from the water have sculpted marvelous red rock formations intertwined with the springs. The $15 entrance fee allows bathers to access two larger pools that can host a group and several singular tubs for a more secluded soak. Located just over an hour’s drive from Meadow Hot Springs.  

Camping Recommendation – Mystic Hot Springs

You can camp at the springs for $30 a person, which includes the soak. This allows you to go from a steamy pool under a blanket of stars to a comfy bed under a literal blanket in your van.

Hot Springs Utah

Diamond Fork (Fifth Water) Hot Springs

Also known as “Fifth Water,” this is one of the wildest hot springs in Utah. Gatorade blue water cascades through a meandering creek filling numerous pools with varying temperatures of geothermal groundwater. Accessing this secluded sanctuary requires a 2.5-mile hike (7 miles if the gate is closed due to snow). Let the smell of sulphur vapors act as breadcrumbs guiding you to Mother Nature’s spa. Nothing beats the joys of sitting in a Utah hot springs, no matter which location you pick, you’re guaranteed a relaxing time.

Camping Recommendation – Diamond Fork

You can be at the Diamond Fork campground in less than 1.5 hours from the Native Campervans office. Living the #VanLife here gives you easy access to plenty of trails and a soak or two… or three or four.

Hot Springs Utah

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