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Journey Beyond Wyoming’s National Parks in a Campervan

Devils Tower

Wyoming, a state of pure beauty and boundless adventure, beckons all explorers and wanderers. Its vast open spaces and unique landscapes make it the perfect destination for a weekend getaway or an extended journey. We created a list of all the must-see destinations in Wyoming to visit on your campervan adventure. Visit them all, or visit just one; you won’t be disappointed either way. Pick up your campervan rental at our Denver location, fasten your seatbelt, and let’s embark on an unforgettable road trip through the breathtaking wonders of Wyoming!


Distance from Denver Office – 2 hours – 123 mi. 
Distance from Salt Lake Office – 5 hours 45 min – 420 mi.

Things to Do

Climbing – Vedauwoo is known for having exceptional crack climbing. The climbing ranges from beginner level to advanced. Whether you like bouldering or trad climbing, you will have an amazing time. Don’t forget, you can rent a crash pad with your campervan rental.
Mountain biking – If you’re a seasoned mountain biker, Vedauwoo is a great place to explore. Containing nearly all blue and black trails, this spot is perfect if you want to explore a new kind of terrain.  
Hiking – Though this is the epicenter for climbing, there are still some trails to be explored. The most popular is a short 0.6 mile out and back called Vedauwoo Trail. Enjoy watching climbers ascend while you soak up the sun. 

Where to Camp:

Vedauwoo Campground – This campground is only $10 a night and sits right inside the park. This means you can jump out of bed and get right to adventure. It is first-come-first-served. You simply pay at the station and pull into any empty site. 
Vedauwoo Wagon Road – This campground is a great spot to camp for the night and sits right outside of the park. It’s free and easily accessible. 
Forest Service Road 700 Designated Dispersed Camping – Just a short 10-minute drive from the best climbing, you can set up camp here if you want more privacy. It is dispersed camping, meaning it will not have any amenities but will have unbeatable views. Plus, it’s free!

Curt Gowdy

Distance from Denver Office – 1 hour 50 min – 121 mi.
Distance from Salt Lake Office – 6 hours – 421 mi. 

Things to Do

Fishing – There are three reservoirs in Curt Gowdy State Park, giving you plenty of space and opportunity to reel something in. They have fish from trout to salmon and everything in between. 
Wildlife viewing – One of the best parts of camping is witnessing wildlife. Curt Gowdy has plenty of wildlife to watch and learn about. Bring your binoculars along and experience nature up close. Better yet, enjoy watching wildlife from the comfort of your campervan bed.
Playgrounds – If you’re planning a family adventure and want a fun activity for the kids, check out some of the playgrounds. It’s a great chance to let the kiddos burn some energy while you get to relax.

Where to Camp:

Curt Gowdy is located only 20 minutes away from Vedauwoo, so you can stay at the campsites above and still have close access to the park. If you are looking for something closer, we recommend Curt Gowdy State Park. This campground has all the amenities you will need and is located in the park. This location does require reservations, so book ahead of time to ensure a spot. 

Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Distance from Denver Office – 5 hours 45 min – 400 mi.
Distance from Salt Lake Office – 8 hours 30 min – 600 mi.

Things to Do

Hiking – Devils Tower National Monument has several beginner-level hikes that lead to stunning views. You can hike right up to the rock feature or enjoy its glory from a distance. The longest hike is Red Beds Trail at 2.8 miles, but you can connect the hikes to make them longer. You can explore the map here. 
Climbing – Devil’s Tower is a climber’s dream, with climbs ranging from 5.7 (beginner) to 5.13 (advanced). They do offer third-party guided climbs if you don’t have your own gear or are new to climbing. Make sure to always check conditions and wear a helmet!

Where to Camp:

Storm Hill BLM Land Dispersed Site – This stunning spot sits 15 minutes outside of the park and has unbeatable views of Devil’s Tower. It’s free camping, so make sure you get there early to snag a spot.
Devils Tower KOA – This is a great campground if you like amenities. They have water, picnic tables, and even a market. This campground is reservation-based, so book ahead of time. 
Belle Fourche NP Campground – If you want front-row seats to the action, this campground is your best friend. It sits inside the park and is within walking distance of the beautiful trails. Make sure you reserve your campsite before your visit. 

Medicine Bow

Distance from Denver Office – 3 hours – 186 mi.
Distance from Salt Lake Office – 5 hours – 356 mi. 

Things to Do

Museums – Medicine Bow is home to a rich history, including the site of the historic Dinosaur Cabin, made from dinosaur bones and mortar. But that’s not the only historic building they have. Make sure you visit the museum to learn more about this unique place and all its history.
Frisbee Golf – Frisbee golf is a great low-intensity activity that lets you get time to enjoy the sunshine. Don’t worry if you don’t have your own gear; you can borrow some from the Lions Club!
Food and Saloons – If you like the old Western feel or are just a big foodie, you’ll have to visit some of Medicine Bow’s classic grills and saloons. Experience the old west while chowing down on a delicious meal.

Where to Camp:

The Virginian – This spot sits right in town and is easily accessible. They have basic amenities like showers and toilets. If you decide to stay here, reservations are required.
Bow River Campground – This campground is an hour outside town but sits inside Medicine Bow National Forest. It’s got stunning views and is only $10 a night. There are 13 sites, 8 of which are reservable.

Ten Sleep

Distance from Denver Office – 6 hours 35 min – 451 mi.
Distance from Salt Lake Office – 6 hours – 30 min – 424 mi

Things to Do

Ten Sleep Brewing Co. – If you are a beer lover, check out this amazing spot. This brewery sits on a large plot of land with views of Horn Mountain and many cows. Enjoy the scenery with a local brew.
Meadowlark Ski Lodge – This cozy ski lodge is a great place to enjoy the winter months and get outside. Tickets are only $62 daily and give you access to 14 runs. They also have gear for rent if you don’t have your own. 

Where to Camp:

Ten Sleep Brewing Company – That’s right, not only can you enjoy a brew, but you can also camp! Ten Sleep has first-come-first-serve camping for only $18 a night. Enjoy a local Wyoming beer under the stars before heading to bed in your campervan rental.
Ten Sleep Creek – This campground is inside the Cloud Peak Wilderness Area along the creek. It’s first-come-first-serve and has all the basic amenities. It is a further drive from Ten Sleep but is well worth the extra miles.
Ten Sleep RV Park – This RV park has all the best amenities, including firewood, showers, and water. This spot is also available to equestrians so that you may see a few horses! Reservations are required here. 


Distance from Denver Office – 7 hours – 490 mi.
Distance from Salt Lake Office – 6 hours 50 min – 448 mi.

Things to Do

Old Trail Town – If you want to experience some amazing history, you’ll want to visit Old Trail Town. This unique destination is home to 28 historic frontier buildings and looks like it came right out of an old Western film. *Important note: The site is only open May 15th – September 30th. 
Wild West Spectacular – If you need a break from the road or want to try something new, enjoy a night at the theatre. Cody offers a unique entertainment experience that lets you learn more about Buffalo Bill and the Wild West in musical form. 
Buffalo Bill Dam – This is a great pit stop for your road trip, especially if you’re an engineering nut. Check out this beautiful and historic sight on your next pit stop.
Cody Night Rodeo – It’s not a Wyoming visit without the rodeo! The Cody Night Rodeo lets you embrace the cowboy life and watch bull riding, roping, and so much more. The rodeo is only open from June to August. 

Where to Camp:

Cedar Mountain Dispersed –  If you’re looking for a quiet free campsite, you’ll want to check out this stunning, dispersed spot. Keep in mind that dispersed camping means there are no amenities. 
Cody Trout Ranch Camp – This spot is great if you want to stay close to town and have all the best amenities. Reservations are required, and prices can change based on the time of year.
Cody KOA – This campground is another great option for those looking for amenities. They also have horses you can enjoy watching! 

Wind River

Distance from Denver Office – 5 hours 30 min – 366 mi.
Distance from Salt Lake Office – 4 hours 30 min – 302 mi.

Things to Do

Wildlife Viewing – Grab your binoculars and enjoy watching all the animals!
Wind River Wild Horse Sanctuary – Nothing feels more like the West than seeing wild horses. Get the opportunity to learn more about wild mustangs at the Wind River Horse Sanctuary. You must set up an appointment in order to visit the sanctuary, so contact them prior to your trip. 
Climbing – Wind River offers climbing for all skill levels. If you are new to climbing, you can take a tour with the Wind River Climbing Guides. 

Where to Camp:

Brannon Campground – This campground is within the Wind River reservation and sits beside the reservoir. Reserve your spot on the grounds before you make the trek.
Boysen – This campsite is close to the Brannon Campground and contains unbeatable views. This is another great option for your night by the campfire. 

Noteworthy Mentions

Yellowstone National Park

Distance from Denver Office – 8 hours – 508 mi.
Distance from Salt Lake Office – 4 hours 45 min – 326 mi.

Yellowstone is one of the most popular national parks, and for good reason. This stunning park offers unbeatable views, plenty of hiking, and unforgettable adventure. Check out our national park Yellowstone Page to learn about where to camp and all the activities you can do.

Grand Teton NP

Distance from Denver Office – 7 hours 30 min – 479 mi.
Distance from Salt Lake Office – 4 hours 30 min – 287 mi.

Grand Teton National Park has some of the best views in Wyoming, with the stunning peaks of the Teton Range. This national park is perfect for a wilderness escape. If you want to learn more about where to camp and what to do at Grand Teton, click here.

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