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Activities to Keep Kids Entertained While in a Campervan

Campervanning Family

Have you ever wondered what taking your kids out in a campervan would be like but were worried about how they would handle it? Well, campervanning with families, especially with children, can be so fulfilling, creating tons of new memories and experiences. That being said, the downtime after a full day of adventuring can be tough on the kids. They get tired or hungry and start to get fussy, but after a full day of nature, some kids will be natured out. 

Whether you are staying at a National Park campsite or BLM/ public land while you are campervanning with families, there is a good chance the only thing around to occupy your child is more nature, so what do you do? 

There are tons of options to keeping kids occupied while in a campervan as long as you plan ahead or have enough imagination! Here is a list of activities to help occupy your kids while you have some downtime at the campsite. 

Games/ Board Games

Bring along your kid’s favorite board game if they offer it in travel size! Best of both worlds, a familiar activity your kid can enjoy and less space is taken up in your bags. If you can’t find any travel-size games, opt for your classic deck of cards or new small games that are easily packable.  


Identifying Book 

Take your kid on a scavenger hunt! This time you’ll be searching for specific plants, rocks, or animal foot tracks. Keep them occupied by exploring your campsite area and learning new skills and facts. There are tons of books whether they are specifically for kids or your classic survival guides. Whichever style of book you opt for, your family will be able to explore and help each other identify the nature around you.  

Imagination or storytelling 

Taking the kids out in a campervan is a great time to explore imagination. Something most kids have an ample amount of! Making up a game or story is a great way to give your kids the reigns and let them have total control. Something they probably aren’t getting a whole lot of on this adventure. If imagination is lacking, tell a historical story or facts about the area you are visiting. This is a great way to teach your kid about the area or land you are camping on. 

Setting up camp or helping with cooking 

Having your kid’s help with simple tasks when setting up camp can occupy them for a bit. They will also feel like they are contributing. By having them help set up camping chairs or collect sticks and wood for a fire, you’ll hopefully occupy enough time to think of the next activity while also crossing off items on the to-do list.

When all else fails, have the iPad or phone charged and shows or movies downloaded. 

Family Movie Campervan

Whether you are renting The Caboose or The Squad, grab a pair of headphones. Let your kid lay down in the campervan and let them tune into a show or movie. Kids will most likely need a break from all of this new crazy adventure. A glimmer of familiarity will help ease them into the rest of the trip, whether it’s organizing their stuff, cooking or cleaning up dinner, starting a fire, etc. 

We hope these suggestions keep your kiddos happy and entertained while experiencing vanlife in your Native Campervan rental. Wherever you decide to travel to we hope you and your family enjoy your trip. These tips will keep kids entertained while in a campervan, so you can focus on creating memories and adventures for yourself and your family! We hope you have a wonderful campervanning family trip!

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